“Make Art in India” is an organisation registered in India by Sculptors Stefano Beccari, Sweden, and T. Baskaran, Tamil Nadu, India.

It takes care of all Global Stone Workshops’ events in India.

Stone and bronze workshops start on December 11, 2017, on January 01 and 22, 2018, February 12 and 26.


For participants who want to work with bronze there is wax, hand & power tools and assistance by specialists. Everything is included in the workshop fee except for the metal and the preparation of the moulds for the casting.

A bronze casting workshop takes three weeks. The process used at site is called “Tribal Casting” and corresponds to our “Lost Wax”.

During the first week, Artists work with wax, models and casting forms with the assistance of Indian bronze specialists. A short course in wax modelling is included in the workshop fee.

On the second week, Navajeevan Metal Sculptors’ helps with the moulds, the firing of the wax and the casting that costs from 40 to 50U$A/kg, depending on size and quantity.

The third week is aimed at finishing the sculptures. Materials and tools are included in the workshop fee.

About Mahabhalipuram

Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India is now the ultimate destination for all artists sculpting in stone, bronze and wood.
In this little town of only 14.000 inhabitants, hundreds of craftsmen keep carving in black granite one exquisite Hindu God after another. The outcome of their combined experience is tremendously inspiring.
Mamallapuram is an archeological jewel with its temples from the 5th century Pallava Dynasty period, and its beaches stretching far North and South. The water of the Bay of Bengal keeps steady 26°C from December to March.
Mamallapuram is located 67 km south of Chennai/ Madras airport. There are direct flights from Europe to Chennai/ Madras, India’s fourth largest city. One of our cars will pick participants up at the airport at any time.
Check the destination with Google Maps, visit the website, and break the Northern Hemisphere tough winter for a few weeks sculpting in shorts and sandals.

Fees and details

Global Stone Workshop® collaborates since many years with Creative Sculptors, Tamil Nadus’ largest and best stone workshop and with its founder Art Master Mr. T. Baskaran, Sculptor and Temple Builder, in 2010.

Participants may choose between single accommodations in basic double rooms with private toilet for 19.500Rs/week (about 290U$A/week) in a Guest House and more comfortable rooms with private balcony, air conditioning, mosquito nets, television, cold & hot water at Sea Shore Garden Resort for 25.500Rs/week (about 380U$A/week). All the hotel rooms have sea view.

In the workshop fee are included an individual working space, medium size blocks of local stone, hand, power and pneumatic tools, cutting/grinding discs and assistance by Indian sculptors. Lunch at the workshop is also included.

Participants may take part in stone and bronze workshops for the same fee.


At Make Art in India/ Creative Sculptors you rent an individual working space of 4 m2. Make Art in India/ Creative Sculptors have no responsibility whatsoever for accidents that may occur during your working time… you sculpt at your own risk. You are also responsible for damages you might cause others. Buy a Personal Accident Insurance in your own country… if you don’t have one already.